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You're probably reading this paragraph expecting it to ramble off a list of qualities that this Rick Pierce person has, such as years of professional design and user-experience expertise, a multitude of talents ranging from game creation and theory to a love of Swiss Design and grotesque typefaces, to technical skills like standards compliant coding, being an SEO expert, and a background in cradle-to-grave marketing.

... Blah blah blah.

Rick Pierce absolutely does all of those things, but he hates third-person portfolio phrasing like this.

I've been professionally designing/developing for twelve years, creating 3D art assets for real-time applications for ten years, and creating in general since I picked up my first crayon at age two.

My wife, kids, and I live in Auburn, Washington. When I get a moment, I like to spend time with my family, write, monkey on cars, and create games and game modifications. I've worked with clients big and small and with major software developers (ahem) and traditional start-ups, both as a standard resource and as a lead.

User experience (UX) portfolio.

Let's be honest here: "UX Designer" is a silly term, isn't it? The 1990s eXtreme phrase era left in its wake a number of ridiculously named things, but very few were job titles. "UE Designer" makes sense. The title's eXtreme name threatens to undermine its fundamental importance: User experience.

As the demand for a brand or product increases, the interaction of that brand or product to the public or target market increases with it. Companies today face important decisions when it comes to improving satisfaction of both current and potential customers. And that's where I come in.

Whether it be a soft-sell, social media campaign, microsite, or intelligent web interface, I have the design and development experience to drive sales, increase customer satisfaction, and work with developers directly. In many cases I code my own work by hand and do it in such a way as to increase site SEO and improve ROI.

ExpertZone newsletter Plate Finder app mockup Surface interest mailer Rich Craig Construction History of the World Village Green redesign See You in the Crosswalk Village Trading Company website MountainStats.com Chronline.com 2008 redesign

Web development portfolio.

I've been developing websites and pages in one form or another for fifteen years. I am a methodical and thoughtful developer, always striving for clean and readable code, even by those who might not otherwise be familiar with HTML, CSS, or Javascript. (Check out this page's source code!) I'm not satisfied with a block of code until it meets my expectations.

Recently I've focused my talents on email development, which requires a strict and precise level of coding to display properly across all browsers and email clients. Factor into that mobile rendering and animation, and it's no surprise that I've overseen email development for some of the largest brands on planet.

I've always loved a good challenge.

Gap, Inc. emails Corbis modular emails 2013 Annual Letter from Bill Gates ExploreWindows newsletters Newscorp mobile Village Green Titan 360 The Chronicle Online

Graphic design portfolio.

Graphic design is where I started my professional career. It was easier for me to transition (back) into digital design after understanding the fundamentals the industry is built on, such as margins, print gamut, and type setting. As such, I have a soft-spot in my heart for both on-screen and off-screen graphic design and regularly like to create new work that is unique to its environment.

Additionally, these talents come into good use when working on various projects that might not otherwise have a specific graphic designer on board or when the graphic design department is already on another assignment.

I primarily work in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, but I am comfortable with other applications such as Quark and Corel tools.

Cover design: The Chronology Division Metro brand redesign Typeface design: Thirtioh 600 Logo design: Rylem Consulting Interactive Story: Moments, a Game of Consequence Logo design: Moon Unit Studios T-shirt design: Bejeweled 3 DS Team Card Game Design: Divided We Stand Logo design: Retribution Games Logo design: Creative Cow Logo design: Firelight Books

Illustration, 3D, & other works portfolio.

Outside of design, more "traditional" art and alternative works are usually used in supplementation to a project I'm developing. In many cases I simply like to express some creativity without it being attached to a specific job. The following section has various forms of other art I've done from game assets to personal projects in traditional medium to large-scale marketing campaigns.

I enjoy working in a wide range mediums, from digital illustration or pixel art. Photography (HDR and stereo) and photo-manipulation are also hobbies of mine.

You'll also notice a selection of my 3D work, both for real-time applications and high-poly models. I found that when I played games, I enjoyed modifying them more than playing them and eventually took up 3D art as a way of bringing my ideas to life.

Photo colorization: Sarasota Florida, 1941 Prop modeling: 1993 Digital card game, Damage study Photo colorization: After the March, 1963 Subreddit map M-TRON Dude Left4Dead Campaign: USS Challenger Pixel art: Early 1980s vehicles Prop modeling: L1A1 SLR Prop modeling: British objects Pixel art: Pop. Images, European CD Jewel Cases 3D Chicago The 2000s Zeitgeist 3D San Francisco

Contact Rick Pierce.

Contacting me is simple:
Email me at rickpierce@gmail.com.

Alternatively, you may wish to view my LinkedIn profile or follow me on my personal Twitter account where I discuss everything from industry insights to personal matters. If your inner-internet-detective is still not satiated, consider visitng any of the links below.